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WHAT WE DO ? IMPLEMENTING CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY INITIATIVES AND TRANSFORMING LIVES Apino transforms lives by creating aspirational livelihoods through digital inclusion in emerging economies. A nonprofit company with operations in India, South Africa, Nigeria, UK and USA, Apino has been empowering motivated young job aspirants from difficult backgrounds since 2020. apino beneficiaries, youth and women, are from high-need, marginalized communities; they may be religious minorities, tribals, political refugees, people with disabilities or victims of trafficking. They are led through a process of continuous improvement, in-depth and diverse training and continuous mentoring at the various skill development training centres across India. Our curriculum, enriched with educational technologies and customized content creates an immersive professional development program. Apino’s stellar placement record stems from its training programs being tailored to the actual needs of employers, as well as to students’ career aspirations. apino is a strategic partner of sds technologies Services, a global leader in artificial intelligence, machine learning and other breakthrough technologies. More than 900 + apino Alumni have been employed by sds technologies. apino takes pride in helping world class organizations implement their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives and has always been responsible to its sponsors in fulfilling its commitments for accelerating socio-economic good.


apino believes that digital skills can create enhanced livelihoods for marginalized communities.


Apino’s mission is to generate sustainable knowledge-economy livelihoods for poor youth and women through market aligned skills training.